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What Is Administrative Professionals’ Day?

Administrative Professionals’ Day is a day in which several organizations all over the world recognize those how who are vital to its success.  In the United States, Administrative Professionals’ Day is also celebrated during the last full week of April.  Oftentimes, during the day of, the weekend before or after, business owners recognize their support […]

Looking for Surprise Birthday Party Caterers? We’re Right Here

Surprise birthday parties take a lot of planning and preparation. You have to make sure the person is surprised, the location is right, and the meals are out of this world. You’re busy running around trying to plan the perfect birthday party for your friend or family member, always making sure those who are invited […]

Food Trends for 2014

Catering trends are always changing to meet the needs of the top food trends of the year.  Trends can include everything from how the food is prepared, to which ingredients are used, to how the food is presented. Healthy food is at the top of everyone’s list, especially in the beginning of a new year […]

The Importance of Selecting the Right Catering Company For Your Party

At the center of any party or social gathering is the food. You reminisce over food, meet new people over drinks, and your mood is set by the quality of the food you’re consuming. What often goes unrecognized is the catering company that puts everything together. You don’t want guests of your party to strike […]

Winter Party Décor Ideas

Decorating for a winter party can become a very fun, festive, and creative process.  When you think of a winter party, you think of a few different color combinations including blue, white, silver, red, or green.  You can incorporate your party décor with some festive and seasonal food from local caters in Philadelphia, PA. There […]

Ideas For Catering An Autumn Corporate Party

Aside from raking leaves and cleaning the gutters, autumn is a beautiful time of year and boasts some of the tastiest seasonal foods. If you’re part of a company that throws quarterly parties to celebrate different achievements and enhance the camaraderie of the workplace, it will certainly be beneficial to spice things up on the […]

Wedding Catering Trends of 2013

The season is upon us for beautiful fall and winter weddings, decorated in warm colors and often offering some of the most delicious foods of the season.  Every year offers their own trends in décor, flowers, fashion, and of course, catering. Within the trends of catering in Philadelphia, we have dinnerware, entrees, cakes, and liquor.  […]

Reasons to Consider Catering A Child’s Birthday Party

When planning a birthday party for someone special, especially for a child, many people don’t consider having the party catered.  They just assume it would be too expensive and possibly not worth it. Planning a child’s birthday party can definitely become a bit overwhelming, especially if you are going to be entertaining a lot of […]

Is it Worth it to Have the Caterers Help During Your Party? Yes!

So you have a big event coming up that you have been put in charge of organizing.  You have ordered all the invitations, ordered the party favors, figured out decorations such as flowers and balloons, and have been maintaining your RSVP list everyday.  The last part you need to take care of is the food.  […]

Ideas for Hosting a Charming Back Yard Graduation Party

You have probably said it over a hundred times this year.  You can’t believe your “baby” is graduating!  You want to make it as special as possible, so you decide to host a graduation party in your back yard.  Backyard parties can be beautiful, charming, and more intimate than renting a space at a restaurant.  […]