Lunch Deliveries in Philadelphia, Northeast Philadelphia, and Bucks County

Prompt and reliable lunch delivery has never been so simple. At Village Catering, we specialize in delivering delicious food to any location in Northeast Philadelphia, Bucks County, and surrounding Pennsylvania areas. We can cater your next big sales meeting, deliver lunch during a day that you’re stuck at your desk, or provide box lunches when you want to thank your coworkers after a seminar.

And the best part is that you don’t need to book our services far in advance! Just call us shortly before you need a lunch delivery, and we can be at your office or home on any of the seven days of the week.

In addition to our corporate catering trays that can serve the whole office, we offer small box lunches that can be prepared and delivered quickly. Our box lunches are designed to include a complete meal including a beverage and cutlery.

We offer Italian catering and many more options, allowing you to pick any type of lunch that you’re craving on a given day. Once you make your selection, we will deliver fresh and ready-to-serve meals to your location in Phila, PA.

With decades of experience in catering and making lunch deliveries in and around Philadelphia, Village Catering is among the best in the country at handling all of your catering needs. To better assist you, it would be helpful for us to know some of your requirements.

lunch delivery bucks county

We can serve any lunch delivery accommodations or requests that you may have. Our options include:

  • Oven or pan-sized
  • Bulk or individual
  • Plastic or china cutlery
  • Linen service

By calling us, sending an email, or faxing us with information regarding your preferences and party size, you can specify what you need for your lunch delivery ahead of time. We can also pick up and clean any china or linen that is left after lunch deliveries. If you need us to include this service, please inform us in advance.

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All of our food is prepared at our headquarters in Philadelphia, PA from the finest ingredients. Once the food is made, we transport it in thermal containers to assure you that your lunch delivery will arrive hot and ready-to-eat at your Philly location.

Next time there is a pop-up meeting or an unexpected gathering of family and friends, you won’t need to stress about where your lunch will come from. At Northeast Philadelphia’s Village Catering, we are committed to making lunch delivery as easy as possible for you. And through the process, we never sacrifice freshness and quality.

Village Catering is the premier provider of lunch delivery in Bucks County and Phila, PA. You’ll be sure to receive delicious food in a timely manner so that you can get back into your daily routine. In addition to box lunches and lunch delivery services, we also cater any events throughout Philly and surrounding Pennsylvania areas. We are a trusted provider of wedding catering, sweet 16 catering, picnic catering, and more.

When you need lunch delivery, let Village Catering offer fresh food of your choice along with superior service. If you have any comments or recommendations regarding our lunch deliveries or event catering, we would love to hear from you!