Ideas for Hosting a Charming Back Yard Graduation Party

You have probably said it over a hundred times this year.  You can’t believe your “baby” is graduating!  You want to make it as special as possible, so you decide to host a graduation party in your back yard.  Backyard parties can be beautiful, charming, and more intimate than renting a space at a restaurant.  You can really go all out by renting a big tent with lots of tables and chairs.  Or you can save the money from the tent and decorate your back yard in a way that will have your guests talking.

No matter how much or how little you decide to do yourself, the one thing you should not do yourself, is cook!  Do yourself a favor and hire a caterer for this wonderful event.  You want to be able to enjoy this day as much as possible.  Cooking, heating up appetizers, and serving drinks for the entire duration of the party is probably not on your wish list.

There are several different methods of decorating for a party.  Since it’s a graduation party, you should stick with the colors of the school.  For example, it the colors are blue and white, make that your theme.  You can become pretty creative with your decorating so you can avoid the big party store with all the generic decorations.  Mason jars make great vases for flowers and containers for candles. They are definitely an investment because you can use them over and over for several different occasions, or just for everyday use at home in your kitchen.  Decorating with lots of flowers, candles, twinkle lights (lots and lots of twinkle lights), and balloons can really transform your back yard space into something to remember.  The food will add another dimension to your party, as the caterers will lay out beautiful food spreads.  You can also come up with a signature drink in your theme color.  If you really want to add more charm, serve the drinks in some more of those mason jars!  Whatever you decide to do with your back yard, hire a caterer to take care of feeding your guests.  They will no doubt come hungry and leave happy!