Is it Worth it to Have the Caterers Help During Your Party? Yes!

So you have a big event coming up that you have been put in charge of organizing.  You have ordered all the invitations, ordered the party favors, figured out decorations such as flowers and balloons, and have been maintaining your RSVP list everyday.  The last part you need to take care of is the food.  Since you are hosting the event at your house, cooking the food yourself is definitely an option.  The other option is to have the party catered, which is highly recommended.

When you call the caterer, you will discuss many things.  You will discuss the type of foods and appetizers, drinks, desserts, and if you need to rent extra tables, chairs, or even an outdoor tent.  Another question they will ask is if you want catering staff to stay during the duration of the party.  If you are able to do it, then you should definitely choose this option.  You are stressed enough the day of the party and want to make sure the day goes off without a hitch.  You will probably spend most of the time walking around, talking to everyone, and making sure everyone is happy and content.

If you decide to have a few caterers remain at the party (the number will depend on the size of the party) then it allows you to enjoy the party you worked so hard to organize.  The caterers will bring the food, set it up, and watch closely as food items need to be replenished.  They also are cleaning up the entire time during the party.  They will pick up people’s plates, cups, and spills or messes, replace trash bags as they become full, and literally anything else that needs to be done.  They are on top of it!  By the end of the party, all the food is put away, the trash is all picked up and taken away, and your house is left exactly as it was before the party started.  And that whole time, you got to enjoy the party as if you were one of the guests.