Wedding Catering Trends of 2013

The season is upon us for beautiful fall and winter weddings, decorated in warm colors and often offering some of the most delicious foods of the season.  Every year offers their own trends in décor, flowers, fashion, and of course, catering.

Within the trends of catering in Philadelphia, we have dinnerware, entrees, cakes, and liquor.  Most couples are starting to stray away from the popular colorful weddings and going back to the classic white and ivory themed weddings.  Nothing screams wedding more than varying shades of whites and ivory.  This year, brides are asking for gold silverware to accompany their table settings.  Gold silverware is timeless and always classic.  It’s beauty and sophistication can add elegance to any tablescape.  It’s also very popular to highlight a culinary heritage, such as French, Vietnamese, or Cuban cuisines.  This will help add a common theme to your wedding cuisine.  When it comes to the main entrée, the trend of 2013 may be surprising.  Instead of opting for the typical chicken, beef, or fish, couples are serving pork.  Pork can be braised in a wide variety of sauces by caterers in Philadelphia and can become very tender and delicious.  Pork is very versatile and can be served in many different ways, and in many different ethic cuisines.  Next up on the list is the trendy liquor of 2013.  It may be shocking to some, and perhaps not so shocking to others.  The winner in the liquor category for 2013 trends is Tequila.  It can be offered as shots, or in mixed drinks.  Lastly, we offer the 2013 trend in wedding cakes.  Unlike the monochromatic scheme of whites and ivory for décor, the cakes are becoming the pop of color in the wedding.  They are being decorated with bright beautiful colors, making them the true visual center stage of the entire wedding.  The cake is something all the guests want to see, and taste.  It is one of the most important aspects of any wedding.

A wedding is a true reflection of the couple.  The colors, the cuisine, the décor, and the liquor are all very personal choices and are what truly defines the overall feel of the wedding.  Whether it’s casual, formal, or chic, a wedding goes through trends just as anything else, but it’s more important for the couple to pick everything they truly love.  After all, it’s their special day and they want to share it with everyone they love.