Ideas For Catering An Autumn Corporate Party

Aside from raking leaves and cleaning the gutters, autumn is a beautiful time of year and boasts some of the tastiest seasonal foods. If you’re part of a company that throws quarterly parties to celebrate different achievements and enhance the camaraderie of the workplace, it will certainly be beneficial to spice things up on the catering front. No matter the venue of the party, whether a banquet hall, bar, or even an outdoor picnic to enjoy the weather, there are a variety of different foods to add flavor to the autumn season.

We’ll offer some ideas for an autumn themed catering for three course meals with starters, entrees, and desserts.

With the chilly weather, it might be smart to stay away from salads as starters and go with a little flavorful soup selection. Pumpkin is always a hot commodity at fall events, but how about a roasted carrot soup? The orange color and the warming sensation through every spoonful has autumn written all over it! For a more traditional flavor, you can’t go wrong with tomato soup.

Entrees for fall catering in Philadelphia need a little more creativity. Ham glazed in honey or chicken glazed in orange-ginger will spice up the meal and add some autumn touch. Fall is the season for sweet potatoes, so it’s a safe bet to include them as a side at your party. A great dish, but often overlooked, are pumpkin stuffed pasta shells.

In the fall, the meal is not complete without the dessert selection. Don’t just have a Philadelphia catering company like Village Catering trot out a vanilla icing cake. Go with the obvious autumn dessert like a pumpkin pie, or try something creative like a cooked apple cake topped with cinnamon. Of course, a popular choice is the red velvet cake, but although the dessert is the most important part of the meal, don’t feel stressed about the choices at your party, everyone will eat the sweets.

The fall is a time to get creative with your catering selection for quarterly corporate parties. Make it fun, try some different foods, and make it enjoyable for the company.