What Is Administrative Professionals’ Day?

Administrative Professionals’ Day is a day in which several organizations all over the world recognize those how who are vital to its success.  In the United States, Administrative Professionals’ Day is also celebrated during the last full week of April.  Oftentimes, during the day of, the weekend before or after, business owners recognize their support staff by giving gifts, hosting a social gathering such as a company retreat, or having a catered lunch at the office.

We are we going with this?

As a Philadelphia, PA-based catering company, we at Village Catering have certainly catered our share of Administrative Professionals’ Day luncheons and events.  Additionally, our company has repeatedly been called upon to both cater and coordinate corporate events, holiday parties, business galas and practically any other type of event you can imagine.

Catering these types of events over the years has also helped us better plan them, and aside from providing your support staff with a delicious meal we have seen many other ways in which our clients recognize their employees.  Here are some of the best we have seen and that we highly suggest doing (aside from having us cater the event):

Ordering Lunch Is One Thing, Having A Party With Food Is Another!

We are not talking about throwing a BIG party.  We are talking about throwing a smaller party at the office.  How can you do this?  Either after your employees leave for the day or before they show up in the morning, you and a few volunteers can decorate the office with balloons, streamers, as well as have some tables vacant for the food or buffet stations.  This option is also very cost-effective for businesses that want to have a catered event/party, but also want to save some money by having it hosted at the office.

Recognize Your Team Members With Gift Certificates!

One thing about attending a party is getting party favors.  Whether or not you are having a party, your support staff will feel appreciated with monetary gifts.  For those of you looking to add a bit more fun to your party, you can consider incorporating some games or contests that offers employees the chance to win a prize or gift.  However, when all is said on done, you should try your best to guarantee that every person feels appreciated.

Encourage Camaraderie With A Team-Building Exercise

There are many things that a business can do to encourage camaraderie on Administrative Professionals’ Day.  In particular, one of the things that you can do is host a painting party at your office!  Most paint party companies have artists who are able to bring and set up everything needed for the party such as the canvas, paint, brushes and aprons.  A lot of the time, the only thing they don’t bring is the food—and that is where we at Village Catering come in!  In all, having a team-building event such as a paint party will encourage creativity, as well as give the entire office the same thing to do at the same time!

When it all comes down to it, Administrative Professionals’ Day is a day that you can make ordinary or one to remember.  It’s all just a matter of what you do and how you do it.  If you want a company that has seen the best and worst, and knows what will make a celebration such as this great, give us at Village Catering a call today!