How to Choose a Delicious Wedding Menu

Aside from the decor and the weather, one of the most important aspects of your wedding is the food.  Coming up with a wedding menu is a fun, but sometimes challenging, adventure.  At Village Catering, we specialize in creating wedding menus that everyone will love.  If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, and […]

4 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Menu

The food you serve at your wedding is what fuels the entire celebration.  If you’re in the beginning stages of planning your wedding, and you still need to come up with a menu, Village Catering is ready to help.  Your wedding menu is a chance to express yourself and make sure your guests are pleased […]

5 Questions for Your Corporate Caterer

Are you getting ready to host a corporate event?  If so, then you might already be working out the logistics, such as the date, the theme, and the entertainment. At some point, you’ll need to figure out your menu, too.  This is where Village Catering can help.  Village Catering is a family-owned Philadelphia corporate catering […]

Why A Winter Wedding Might Work the Best for You

Do you cringe at the thought of a humid wedding day?  Is summer too hectic to schedule a wedding?  If you’re a bride-to-be, you might want to think about booking your special day in the winter.  There are many benefits to having a winter wedding.  For one, there’s simply less stress, and at Village Catering, […]

4 Fun Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Planning a wedding takes both time and patience.  Aside from just the ceremony and reception, you need to think about the cake, the flowers, the menu, and the decor.  Thankfully, your bridesmaids are there to help and can make the entire process less stressful.  They will also be the ones planning your wedding shower and […]

How to Throw the Best Engagement Party

Are you an excited bride-to-be?  Have you been thinking about how to construct the perfect engagement party?  Having an engagement party is the perfect opportunity to announce your upcoming marriage and celebrate the occasion with both family and friends.  At Village Catering, we can help you throw the best engagement party your friends and family […]

5 Tips to Help You Set Guests at Your Wedding Reception

Are you planning a wedding this year and already stressed about how you’ll seat your guests?  For many couples, planning the seating chart at their wedding is the most stressful part of the planning process.  If you’re only having 25 guests for a buffet reception, then you might not have much to worry about.  Yet […]

5 Tasty Wedding Food Bar Ideas

Who doesn’t want an amazing wedding reception?  If you want a wedding celebration that is sure to be remembered, then focus on the food.  When guests travel far and wide to attend your special day, it’s important to honor their dedication with a wide array of food from which to choose.  A crowd-pleasing menu is […]