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Avoid These Mistakes When Planning a Baby Shower for a Friend or Loved One

Baby showers are traditions for which many mothers-to-be are either really excited or really dreading, but they are going to happen, and you want your friend or a loved one to be in the former category on the day of the event! Naturally, you want to make this baby shower one for the history books, […]

When You Should Hire a Corporate Catering Company

No matter where you are in the world, food can usually be trusted to bring people together and brighten the mood considerably. Catered food for office and business settings is no exception. We at Village Catering provide business owners and corporate event planners with corporate catering services that are perfect for any professional event. Corporate […]

Wedding Food Traditions Across the Globe

If you were asked to imagine food for a wedding, what do you think of?

Maybe you think of the classic towering layered wedding cake and champagne glass of the post-wedding reception. Maybe you think of the food and traditions our families brought with them to the United States decades or even centuries back. What we imagine when it comes to food and drink at a wedding can vary greatly depending on where we’ve grown up and our backgrounds, and they usually mean something different to all of us. Here are just a few common staples of wedding food traditions around the globe!

What Should You Look for in a Wedding Reception Venue?

Weddings — an exciting time in our lives that seemingly infuse the air around us with palpable excitement and anxiousness. The tasks and challenges involved in planning for a wedding seem to hit you one after another in an endless barrage as you have to make decision after weighted decision. Choosing a location to hold your wedding reception is just one of these challenges, and with that comes even more things to take into consideration, from decoration to guest seating to food and more. Here are just a few simple but key things to think through when looking at potential locations and wedding halls in Philadelphia.