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How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

Many couples are surprised to learn that choosing the color scheme for their weddings is more difficult than simply picking out their favorite colors and adding them to every detail of their ceremonies. Your wedding color scheme will play a heavy role in setting the overall aesthetics of your big day, so you should take […]

3 Carbo-loading Myths Every Athlete Needs to Know

Carbo-loading is the process of consuming large amounts of carbohydrates before a major athletic event in order to build up stored levels of glycogen, a major source of energy for high-intensity activity. According to research from Harvard Medical School, carbo-loading can help athletes perform longer and harder without hitting “the wall” that prevents them from […]

Five Delicious Italian Entrees Every Guest Will Love

Italian food is much more than just spaghetti and pizza! Italian catering in Philadelphia can be a perfect choice for nearly every special occasion or catered event. Can’t tell the difference between marsala and marinara? Read on to learn about five delicious Italian dishes that can perfectly complement every event—all of which are available right […]

Three Unique Catering Services Offered by Village Catering

When most people think of catering services, they probably imagine Sweet 16 parties and springtime weddings. However, there are plenty of other reasons to celebrate, and Village Catering offers innovative catering solutions for every situation, whether you need kosher catering in Pennsylvania or another type. Some of our most unique catering services include: Airline catering. […]