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Encourage Camaraderie in The Office by Treating Your Employees to a Catered Lunch!

How many times per week do you bring your own lunch to work? Most workers who bring their own lunch eat at their desks. This saves money and time, but may make some individuals feel like hermits who don’t interact with coworkers. As a business owner or office manager, sometimes you have to be proactive […]

The Advantages of Treating Your Employees to a Catered Breakfast

Breakfast, it’s more than “just a meal.” In fact, according to Katherine Zeratsky, R.D., L.D., in an article she wrote on, she indicated that those who DO NOT SKIP breakfast are not only able to control their hunger, but they make healthier choices throughout the day, and, most importantly, they have more energy. And, […]

What Is Administrative Professionals’ Day?

Administrative Professionals’ Day is a day in which several organizations all over the world recognize those how who are vital to its success.  In the United States, Administrative Professionals’ Day is also celebrated during the last full week of April.  Oftentimes, during the day of, the weekend before or after, business owners recognize their support […]

Tips for Catering Your Spring Corporate Function

With the summer approaching, corporate companies are beginning to plan their luncheons or dinner banquets for employees, clients, and prospective clients. Your corporate function can be occurring for a variety of reasons. You could be launching a new product or tool for your employees, going over quarterly earnings, or handing out quarterly awards to employees […]

Food Trends for 2014

Catering trends are always changing to meet the needs of the top food trends of the year.  Trends can include everything from how the food is prepared, to which ingredients are used, to how the food is presented. Healthy food is at the top of everyone’s list, especially in the beginning of a new year […]

Winter Party Décor Ideas

Decorating for a winter party can become a very fun, festive, and creative process.  When you think of a winter party, you think of a few different color combinations including blue, white, silver, red, or green.  You can incorporate your party décor with some festive and seasonal food from local caters in Philadelphia, PA. There […]

Ideas For Catering An Autumn Corporate Party

Aside from raking leaves and cleaning the gutters, autumn is a beautiful time of year and boasts some of the tastiest seasonal foods. If you’re part of a company that throws quarterly parties to celebrate different achievements and enhance the camaraderie of the workplace, it will certainly be beneficial to spice things up on the […]

Corporate Event Catering Ideas

Whether you are planning to cater for a meeting, awards ceremony, product launch or employee training, you can provide a food experience that can help guests eat healthier, try different cuisines, or even receive details about your company, product and image. Healthy Options The next time your company is catering a working lunch or employee […]