Why You Should Use Off-Site Catering For Your Next Company Event

According to a survey on Yougov.com, winter is the least favored season by all age groups. Now that the warmer weather seems to be here on a more consistent basis, companies should consider hosting a spring picnic for employees! What better way to end the dreary winter months than to get outside, have a pre-summer BBQ, and relax out of the office? One of the most important aspects of a luncheon is, well, the food. Village Catering, known as the best corporate catering company in the Philadelphia area, provides full-service off-site catering for business lunches, picnics, banquets, and so much more.

Why should you use off-site catering for your next company event?


Off-site catering is super affordable in a sense that everything is customizable. Most off-site catering company sites have online menus that allow you to pick and choose the quantities of food needed. Therefore, if you need five bagels and eight muffins, you won’t be forced to order pre-made meal plans. Finally, instead of paying for high-priced rented tables, expensive cutlery, and unnecessary table cloths, off-site catering allows the host to use their own party supplies.

So Many Menu Options

On-site catering can be limited to one particular menu, only a couple of food options, which might not fit the event you are trying to host. With off-site catering the possibilities are endless. There are buffet options for larger groups, hoagie trays for a more informal setting, or a-la-carte options to mix and match hot and cold foods.

Boost in Employee Morale

Happy employees are productive employees, am I right? Instead of getting off-site catering delivered to the office, why not host an outside picnic, or take the luncheon to someone’s house? Taking employees out of the office for a company event undoubtedly boosts employee morale and gives people the opportunity to relax, thus increasing the company’s overall production!

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