Tips for Catering Your Spring Corporate Function

With the summer approaching, corporate companies are beginning to plan their luncheons or dinner banquets for employees, clients, and prospective clients. Your corporate function can be occurring for a variety of reasons. You could be launching a new product or tool for your employees, going over quarterly earnings, or handing out quarterly awards to employees who have gone above and beyond for the success of the company.

There are certain factors you must take into consideration when you begin your planning process and consultations with a catering company near Philadelphia like Village Catering.

Theme. Many companies are big on themes. Is there going to be a theme at the function? Themes are a great way to add flavor and glamour to the function. Spice it up and liven the party. Let your catering company know if there is a theme, even if just a black tie event.

Venue. Where are you going to hold the event? Is it going to be in a big banquet hall, or renting out a restaurant’s party room. When you want a trusted catering company for the function, make it at a banquet or reception hall that can adhere to your specific needs. Are you planning for an exclusive venue, or one that best fits your budget?

Don’t allow your eyes to be bigger than your stomach and exceed budget. If you’re giving away awards, is there a stage or area for you to present? Is there a screen for videos? Make sure the venue has everything that you’re looking for.

Menu Options. Send around a list of dishes to your employees and tell them to circle or check one that they want. There are a number of allergies, diets, and eating preferences that your employees put into consideration. Have a section on the list for them to explain if they are vegetarian, have allergies, or if they have celiac disease. This shows you care, and allows you to choose a customized menu that gives all your employees a meal they will enjoy.

Courses. How many people are you expecting? Do you want salads to start, or a cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres, or both? You’ve made the selection on your main course, but what about the before—appetizers—and the after—dessert. Show your employees respect and plan a fully catered meal. Our caterers will be on site to walk around with trays of appetizers at the beginning and serve the tables their meals throughout the night.

It’s summertime. Everyone wants a memorable time with fellow coworkers to discuss throughout the remainder of the year. Provide that for them with help from us, Village Catering.