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Five Delicious Italian Entrees Every Guest Will Love

Italian food is much more than just spaghetti and pizza! Italian catering in Philadelphia can be a perfect choice for nearly every special occasion or catered event. Can’t tell the difference between marsala and marinara? Read on to learn about five delicious Italian dishes that can perfectly complement every event—all of which are available right […]

Three Unique Catering Services Offered by Village Catering

When most people think of catering services, they probably imagine Sweet 16 parties and springtime weddings. However, there are plenty of other reasons to celebrate, and Village Catering offers innovative catering solutions for every situation, whether you need kosher catering in Pennsylvania or another type. Some of our most unique catering services include: Airline catering. […]

No Matter What Event You’re Planning, Everyone Needs to Eat, Even You!

Look at it differently: no matter how much fun you’re having, or even if it is a melancholy affair, everyone who attends has to eat. A lot of times, eating can be a hassle when you’re having too much fun or too busy to think about food. However, by relying on a food catering service […]