3 Budgeting Tips For Planning Your Wedding

From booking the perfect wedding venue in Philadelphia to finding the right white dress, planning a wedding takes time, effort, and money. According to research by Value Penguin, the average couple in Pennsylvania can expect to spend a little under $30,000 before they say “I do.” If the thought of spending that much on your wedding day is making you feel a little queasy, know that there are plenty of tips that you can use to control your spending while also putting together an unforgettable event.

  • Trim your guest list. The most effective way to save money when planning a wedding is to trim your guest list down to only your closest family members and friends. The average Pennsylvanian couple spends about $212 per guest when planning their wedding. This means that cutting just one table of 10 guests is likely to save you over $2,100. Give your guest list another pass and see if there are any guests on your current list that you can bear to part with.
  • Make a meal plan. One expense that many wedding planners overlook is their meals for their wedding day crew. Before you sign a contract with a catering company or venue, double-check that you aren’t required to feed your vendors the same meal as your guests — otherwise, you could end up paying an extra $40 a plate. Choose a less expensive but equally filling meal instead.
  • Skip the expensive cocktails. A fully-stocked open bar might be nice for guests — but it can quickly become prohibitively expensive for you. Instead of splurging on all variety of liquors, choose a “signature cocktail” or two to offer your guests alongside beer and wine.

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