Springtime Catering Ideas

After the snow has melted and plants start blooming once more, it’s a perfect time to host a party in a spring garden. Additionally, if you call on full-service catering to assist with the meals, you’ll be able to relax more easily! However, there are several factors to consider when catering in the spring that can make your party even better than before. If you’re planning a spring party for the first time, or you aren’t sure what angle you should approach your event, learn these three spring catering tips.

Select a Spring Theme

Before you even begin deciding on what food you want to serve when catering in the spring, it’s important to decide on a theme. The central theme of your event can determine the best direction for the meals you cater, as well as the mood of the decorations you choose. Animals like birds and rabbits or plants such as cherry blossoms or other flowers can be excellent themes that are evocative of the spring and can help your attendees welcome the coming of the season and the beauty it has to offer.

Another thing you ought to consider when catering in the spring is why you’re hosting the gathering in the first place. For instance, the decor at an Easter party may not be appropriate for a bridal shower and vice versa. This can also extend to the food and snacks served, as brightly-colored candies may be perfect for an Easter celebration due to their connection to Easter egg hunts, but not a First Communion brunch.

Choose a Spring Color Palette

Next, those catering in the spring for a gathering can set the mood by selecting an appealing color palette. After a long and cold winter, you can help your guests celebrate spring by making all of your decorations the same hue. Pastel pinks and yellows pair well with the blossoming flower petals, while shades of green complement the leaves that are beginning to grow back. 

Additionally, your colored decorations don’t just include the balloons you hang around and the linens you line your dining tables with. Your plates, bowls, cups, and other utensils can also match with your designated color choices, but that’s not all; your spring color palette can extend to the food on the plate as well!

Serve Springtime Meals

When you speak with your selected catering business, find out if they serve any seasonal spring produce; your guests will appreciate eating fresh fruits and vegetables after a long winter! Produce such as strawberries, rhubarb, mushrooms, and more will contribute to a seasonal menu befitting the tastes and smells of spring.

Did you know that some species of flowers are edible? Consider incorporating them into your appetizers, main course, and desserts to liven up the plates of your guests, but make sure the petals you choose are edible first!

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