4 Interesting Korean Wedding Traditions

Incorporating a few Korean wedding traditions into your big day can honor a South Korean spouse’s heritage or simply add a unique touch to your wedding ceremony. No matter if you’re marrying into a Korean family or simply attending a traditional Korean wedding as a guest, here are a few interesting traditions to know.

  • Stunning engagement dresses. If you’re attending a bridal shower or wedding ceremony, you might see the bride wearing a long, colorful dress called a hanbok. Hanbok are worn during a variety of formal ceremonies and events, and you might see the bride wear multiple hanbok throughout a particularly long wedding and reception.  
  • The giving of geese. Korean tradition states that, before a couple can get married, the groom should present his soon-to-be mother-in-law with a goose. Wild geese mate for life, so this gift signifies the groom’s commitment to his future wife. Though traditionally, live geese were exchanged, most couples who choose to carry on this tradition today opt for wooden varieties.
  • A gourd of wine. When a married couple seals their “I dos,” they traditionally complete the ceremony by drinking from a gourd of wine poured by the bride’s mother. This ceremony is called a “kunbere.”
  • Simple wedding food. Though most Americans expect extravagant banquets during a wedding reception, the only required traditional food for Korean weddings is noodle soup. Very traditional couples might skip the white glove dinner altogether and serve a kook soo sang (“noodle banquet”) with only noodle soup and sticky rice cakes for dessert.

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