Winter Catering Tips

There are several reasons as to why one might host a party in the colder months, whether it be for winter weddings, a holiday party, sporting events, or other reasons. To ensure you make the most of the season, you should keep several winter catering tips in mind. Follow these three catering tips for winter parties to provide your guests with an event that is equally warm as it is enjoyable.

Add Hot and Cozy Foods to Your Menu

One of the most important catering tips for winter events is incorporating hot meals into your menu. Whether your event takes place indoors or outdoors, offering hot food to your guests can warm both their stomachs and hearts. Here are several meal options you should consider when hosting a winter event:

  • Hot soups are an excellent choice for chilly nights and come in a variety of options, including chicken noodle, crab, miso, and many more. If you choose tomato soup, pair it with grilled cheese to create a classic combination.
  • Potato bars allow guests to add their favorite toppings to a toasty baked potato. Another way to offer potatoes is by serving tater tots or french fries instead.
  • If you’re looking for a dish that’s equally filling as it is hot, consider preparing pasta. Not only are there several kinds of pasta to choose from, but it goes well with a salad.
  • Preparing beloved comfort foods, like mac and cheese or BBQ dishes can help warm spirits on a dark night.
  • You can offer seasonal delights like hot apple cider or eggnog at holiday catering events to set the mood.
  • Hot tea is a refreshing beverage option on a chilly night and is perfect with cookies and muffins.
  • There are several ways you can sweeten your winter event with chocolate, whether it’s offering it as hot chocolate or preparing a chocolate fondue fountain.

If you plan to host your winter event outside, ensure that your catering food is protected well from the cold. Utilizing travel containers for soup and beverages and tinfoil or dishes will help prevent it from going cold on a frosty evening.

Prepare for Inclement Weather

Catering tips for winter parties involve more than just what food to serve but what steps must be made in advance in anticipation of winter weather. The preparations should begin as early as the first invitations, letting potential guests know they should bring the necessary winter clothing to the event. Additionally, hosts must keep a close eye on weather forecasts and inform their guests of potential snow flurries or other conditions; preparing a reschedule date in advance can help if the weather is too poor to hold the event. 

If you plan to have your winter event outdoors, there are a few catering tips for winter events you should follow closely. Adequately salting the ground will help prevent slippery ice from causing harmful slips and falls. Further, having the right tents will provide a service area protected from the weather, so the food isn’t powdered by snowfall.

There are preparations you should make even for winter events held indoors. As guests will come wearing their scarves and winter coats, they’ll need a place to store them as they enjoy their food. Also, enlisting the help of valet service will allow guests to escape from the cold weather sooner rather than having to walk inside from the parking lot.

Cultivate an Appealing Winter Ambiance

To help your guests have a memorable winter experience, don’t forget to invest in decor. All aspects of your event, from the napkins and tablecloths on the table to the decorations on walls and ceiling, can be themed around imagery evocative of the winter season. 

Further, if there is currently snow on the ground outside, ensure that nothing obstructs the snowscape’s view so that guests can appreciate its beauty. Winter events held during the holiday season can incorporate festive decorations and play classic songs to establish a nostalgic and welcoming ambiance.

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