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Fall is the Perfect Time for a Pumpkin Takeover

October is in full swing and people everywhere are rushing to try anything with the word pumpkin in it from breads to soups. Between 2012 and 2013, retailers noticed a 14% increase in sales of pumpkin related products. With this year’s increase in pumpkin related products, from Jell-O to Oreos, that number is sure to […]

Looking for Surprise Birthday Party Caterers? We’re Right Here

Surprise birthday parties take a lot of planning and preparation. You have to make sure the person is surprised, the location is right, and the meals are out of this world. You’re busy running around trying to plan the perfect birthday party for your friend or family member, always making sure those who are invited […]

Spring is in the Air…Start Planning Your Picnics

With the weather warming up, we are starting to think about all the fun summer activities to get involved in. Whether you’re in a corporate office, part of a charitable organization or religious environment, or getting together with the family for a reunion, you may want to think about hosting a picnic. There are many […]

Food Trends for 2014

Catering trends are always changing to meet the needs of the top food trends of the year.  Trends can include everything from how the food is prepared, to which ingredients are used, to how the food is presented. Healthy food is at the top of everyone’s list, especially in the beginning of a new year […]

Didn’t Plan a Company Holiday Party? Plan a Company New Year Party Instead!

The holidays came and went and you never got around to planning the holiday party you felt your employees deserved.  Instead of feeling bad about it, try something new and plan a New Year Party for your employees.   Use this occasion to thank your employees for their hard work during the previous year, and get […]

Fun “Bar” Ideas For Your Next Party

You can really get creative with your next large party by adding a “bar” to your party.  I am not talking a bar for alcoholic beverages (although that may be available as well), but I mean a bar offering a type of food or drink that guests can customize to make it perfect for them.  […]

The Importance of Selecting the Right Catering Company For Your Party

At the center of any party or social gathering is the food. You reminisce over food, meet new people over drinks, and your mood is set by the quality of the food you’re consuming. What often goes unrecognized is the catering company that puts everything together. You don’t want guests of your party to strike […]

Winter Party Décor Ideas

Decorating for a winter party can become a very fun, festive, and creative process.  When you think of a winter party, you think of a few different color combinations including blue, white, silver, red, or green.  You can incorporate your party décor with some festive and seasonal food from local caters in Philadelphia, PA. There […]

Ideas For Catering An Autumn Corporate Party

Aside from raking leaves and cleaning the gutters, autumn is a beautiful time of year and boasts some of the tastiest seasonal foods. If you’re part of a company that throws quarterly parties to celebrate different achievements and enhance the camaraderie of the workplace, it will certainly be beneficial to spice things up on the […]