Didn’t Plan a Company Holiday Party? Plan a Company New Year Party Instead!

The holidays came and went and you never got around to planning the holiday party you felt your employees deserved.  Instead of feeling bad about it, try something new and plan a New Year Party for your employees.   Use this occasion to thank your employees for their hard work during the previous year, and get them ready and excited for the New Year ahead.

The beauty of a New Years party for your office is that you can make it in to whatever you want.  You are not bound to holiday colors, traditions, or themes.  You can host the party in your office, a restaurant, your home, or any other creative venue you choose.  You can have the event catered with fresh and healthy food options because most employees probably made eating healthy a new years resolution.  You can set a theme to the party to make it more fun and encourage involvement from the employees.   A New Year party is about positive reinforcement, encouragement, setting new goals, and setting an overall new positive state of mind for your employees.  Serving healthy food, healthy drinks, and doing a fun and creative team-building event will have a positive impact on the entire company and it’s employees.  It will set the stage for a good year ahead with hard work and growth for your company.  Setting goals and a positive work environment for your employees is one of the most important things you can do to get optimal results out of your employees and in turn, your company.

Village Catering specializes in catering for all types of events and can customize any catering menu to perfectly meet the needs of your special event.  They also offer a venue called Cottage Green that is perfect for any size party from 25-300 guests.