Fun “Bar” Ideas For Your Next Party

You can really get creative with your next large party by adding a “bar” to your party.  I am not talking a bar for alcoholic beverages (although that may be available as well), but I mean a bar offering a type of food or drink that guests can customize to make it perfect for them.  Still not sure what this is?  Think of a hot chocolate bar.  This would consist of a table with self-serve hot chocolate.  It would also have a large variety of topping for guests to choose from such as whipped cream, chocolate shaving, peppermint sticks, and marshmallows.  Allowing guests to customize their own hot chocolate allows for creativity and becomes a fun activity.

Other ideas can be a water bar with a variety of items to add such as cucumbers, lemon slices, lime slices, oranges slices, mint, raspberries, sage, basil, or whatever other flavors you may like.  You can also serve the water in mason jars to add the overall appearance of the beverage.  Another great idea could be cereal bar, ice cream bar, fondue bar, cupcake topping bar, candy bar, or fruit and vegetable kabob bar.  The possibilities are truly endless and the host of the event can really customize the perfect bar for the guests.

Since most large parties and events are catered, you can talk to Village Catering for ideas.  They have probably seen many fun and creative ideas for events such as weddings, birthday parties, and family reunions.  They can also help with decorating by providing many items such as tables, chairs, and table linens.  Planning a large event can be a fun and creative process.  The event can be as simple as you like, or it can be filled with lots of fun activities, creative drinks, and themed food.