Spring is in the Air…Start Planning Your Picnics

With the weather warming up, we are starting to think about all the fun summer activities to get involved in. Whether you’re in a corporate office, part of a charitable organization or religious environment, or getting together with the family for a reunion, you may want to think about hosting a picnic.

There are many aspects involved in planning a picnic, and you have to make sure every aspect is addressed. This includes everything from entertainment to budget to vendors, site, and of course your caterers in Philadelphia, PA. Where do you begin in your planning process? Choose the location of your picnic so you can plan your entertainment accordingly based on the space provided. (You might want to think about our on-site location!). Once you have come to a decision on the venue, go through a checklist to make sure you’re prepared for the event.

Catering company. Are they full service? Will they provide the tables, chairs, linens, balloons, garbage cans, coolers, etc.? If not, you’ll have to make alternate arrangements for these services. (Just know that our caterers in Philadelphia do!)

Food packages. (Is there an option for those who have to eat gluten-free, or are vegetarians?)

Plenty of drinks. (Are you serving alcohol? Make sure there is water and sodas/juices for the kids.)

Entertainment. What will you feature at the picnic to keep the party entertained? Picnics are the perfect place to keep your kids fascinated and occupied. From pools to inflatables, wiffleball, volleyball, caricature artists, jugglers, face painters, races, competitions, moon bounces, the list of entertainment packages are endless. At Village Catering, we have over 15 acres of land for your picnic that is perfect for all kinds of fun and games.

Rain Date. If the weather doesn’t agree with your picnic, plan a rain date so you’re not spending your whole party under a tent.

Event Planner. Is there an event planner you’re working with to help you with the process. We all have different entertainment interests, and different dietary requirements, so be sure that a professional event planner is working within your interests to set up a fun-filled picnic.

As spring is on the horizon, start planning your picnics to enjoy the outdoors after this miserable winter! We’re here to help!