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5 Tips to Prevent Side Stitches

“Sides stitches” are nasty muscle cramps that pop up in the sides of the abdomen, and they have the potential to ruin any athlete’s game or race. Side stitches can range from annoying to unbearably painful, so athletes should take as many steps as possible before practices or events to prevent them from creeping in. […]

The Halal Diet: What You Need to Know

“Halal” is an Arabic word meaning “lawful” or “permitted.” The opposite of “halal” is “haram,” which means “unlawful.” Similar to how members of the Jewish faith must maintain a Kosher diet, many members of the Islamic faith follow a special halal diet that only includes foods specified as permitted in the Qur’an (the Muslim scripture). […]

3 Carbo-loading Myths Every Athlete Needs to Know

Carbo-loading is the process of consuming large amounts of carbohydrates before a major athletic event in order to build up stored levels of glycogen, a major source of energy for high-intensity activity. According to research from Harvard Medical School, carbo-loading can help athletes perform longer and harder without hitting “the wall” that prevents them from […]

3 Ways to Practice Better Eating Habits

Are you worried you can’t maintain a healthy lifestyle and also eat deliciously prepared catered meals? The menus at Village Catering offer a variety of healthy options from salads to vegetables and healthy proteins that we can customize for any meal, for any occasion! As March was National Nutrition Month and we approach the summer […]

Fall Wedding Catering Trends

Wedding food doesn’t have to be the standard menu. Event planners, chefs, and food fanatical brides and grooms are choosing unique, palate-pleasing ways to satisfy their guests’ appetites. Since the weather has started to cool, your guests will be craving rich, intensely flavored meals. Keep the following ideas in mind as you begin to create […]

Corporate Event Catering Ideas

Whether you are planning to cater for a meeting, awards ceremony, product launch or employee training, you can provide a food experience that can help guests eat healthier, try different cuisines, or even receive details about your company, product and image. Healthy Options The next time your company is catering a working lunch or employee […]

3 Helpful Guidelines For Eating A Diet-friendly Dessert

Interested in preparing diet-friendly desserts but still feel the need to satisfy your desire for something sweet?  If so, follow these three guidelines to help you find/prepare a diet-friendly dessert that can end up being just as sweet as a regular dessert! Picking Out Which Dessert Recipe Is Best For You The best way to get a […]