3 Tips To Make Your Cooking Taste Like a Restaurant Meal

No matter if you’re visiting a fancy seafood restaurant for a romantic reservation with your spouse or you’re simply ordering a quick lunch delivery in Philadelphia while at work, there’s no way to deny that eating out is a treat. Even if you’re a great home cook, you might have noticed that you have trouble replicating your favorite culinary creations when compared to the professional versions. Here are a few quick tips you can use to improve your home cooking.

  • Prepare everything in advance. One secret that professional chefs use all the time in the kitchen? They prepare all of their ingredients they need for the recipe in advance. Read your entire recipe before you start to cook, and prepare ingredients and portions before you begin cooking. While it might seem like this just creates more dishes to wash, professional chefs know that having all of your ingredients prepped and ready makes for more efficient cooking.
  • Don’t be afraid of shallots. Did you know that Anthony Bourdain once said that his restaurant goes through about 20 pounds of shallots? Shallots are one of the most underrated ingredients in home cooking, and they can be used to enhance the flavor of almost any savory dish. Consider adding shallots to your next grocery list for more flavor in your home cooking!
  • Brine your chicken. Ever wonder why restaurant chicken dishes are so flavorful and juicy? The secret often isn’t in the cooking technique itself, but the brining that happens beforehand! Before cooking chicken breasts or thighs, allow them to brine in a pot with a gallon of warm water, 3/4th of a cup of kosher salt, 2/3rd of a cup of sugar, and 3/4th of a cup of soy sauce for about an hour. When you do cook the chicken, you’ll notice more moisture and flavor!

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