3 Work Lunches That Keep Well in the Fridge

From hospitals to grocery stores, essential employees are keeping our society running by providing us with the services we need to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re an essential worker, you might find yourself exceptionally busy during this time — which may mean that you’re not able to take your lunch break when you typically do. While ordering a lunch delivery in Philadelphia when you’re on the job can be a delicious option, there are plenty of lunches that can keep exceptionally well in your work fridge. Here are a few delicious options.

  • Pesto pasta. Pesto pasta is delicious — and you can prepare it the night before work! Use a recipe with a little bit of lemon juice to help keep your pasta fresh throughout your shift.
  • Salads. Many people believe that salads will become soggy if you make them before you’re ready to eat. While this can happen, choosing the right base will reduce the chance that you’re left with wilted lettuce for lunch. Red cabbage and kale hold up exceptionally well when compared to greens like iceberg lettuce and spring mix. Separate your dressing into a different container and only add it to the salad when you’re having your lunch to keep your veggies even crisper.
  • Wraps. It’s happened to almost everyone — you spend the night before your shift carefully crafting the perfect sandwich…only to find soggy buns in your lunch box when you arrive at work. Instead of choosing a sandwich, make yourself a wrap with chicken and vegetables. Wraps are more compact, which means they hold up better after sitting in a refrigerator for an extended period of time. Like a salad, you might want to bring your own dressing in a separate container to work to prevent wilting and sogginess.

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