3 Fun Winter Party Décor Ideas

Are you looking forward to cozy winter nights in front of the fireplace? Maybe you’re already thinking about throwing a winter bash to welcome Jack Frost. At Village Catering, we’ve got three fun winter party ideas that are sure to keep your guests smiling this season. Why not get a jump start on your winter themed party with these three fantastic party decor ideas?

Fire and Ice

Initially, this might sound like an odd combination, but fire and ice make a great winter theme for a party.  Many people who have run with this theme find it a sultry duo that evokes romantic imagery and sophisticated charm.  This theme incorporates a mixture of icy blue hues and bright, vibrant reds.  We suggest dividing your space into two separate areas where one can boast fiery red and the other can be frosty blue.  You can also incorporate lights and small table centerpieces that go with this theme to really impress your guests.

Ski Chalet

Ski chalet is definitely one of the chicest and coziest winter party themes around.  At Village Catering, we suggest incorporating natural and elegant pieces, combined with rustic and eye-catching wooden accents throughout the venue of choice. Snowy branches and handmade wreaths add a great touch, too. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace in the event space, this is great, because a fireplace simply adds to the ski chalet theme. We also recommend adding pine tree embellishments and pine cones for additional winter themed touches. Village Catering can even serve up a hearty stew and a s’mores bar for dessert to keep guests warm.

Wintry Woods

Wintry woods is a gorgeous winter theme to work with for a holiday party. You can decorate with green hues to resemble the look of a forest, and then add whites for snow. Also, think about using pine cones, acorns, and birch branches decorated with red hemp and silver twine. You can call on Village Catering to help you with more ideas for a wintry woods decor themed party. At Village Catering, we specialize in helping people throw the parties of their dreams, and we always have time to offer suggestions or ideas. This year, choose Village Catering and find out how awesome your winter party can be with our unique touches.