3 Tips to Keep Children Busy at Your Wedding

Are you preparing for your big wedding day but still not sure how to entertain the all of the kids who will be there? Children bring a beautiful, lively element to anyone’s wedding day, but they can also become bored quickly if they feel there’s nothing there to keep them occupied. At Village Catering, we’ve got three tips to help keep children busy on your wedding day.  All you need is a little imagination and a bit of foresight to guarantee that the little ones at your wedding party will have fun and keep themselves entertained, too.

1. Kids Activity Kit

If you have access to a craft store, consider gathering a few bins of supplies and setting up different stations at the kid’s table. Kids enjoy having their own materials to work with, so at Village Catering we suggest making an activity kit for each of the children who will be attending your wedding. You can set up each activity kit with the child’s name on the bag and then watch them get to work with different crafts, such as mask making or wooden box decorating.

2. Tabletop Chalk

This is one of Village Catering’s favorite kid activity for wedding parties. All you need to do is get a few sections of chalkboard together and then attach them to the table. Children love decorating with chalk, and this is an easy way to get them inspired without a lot of work required. If you are searching for the perfect wedding hall in Philadelphia, PA, call Village Catering today to find out what we can do to be of assistance.

3. Kids Only Tent

Another idea to keep the kids busy at your wedding is to set up a kids only tent. This is always a big hit because the kids get to have their own space at your wedding venue. You can place coloring books and crayons inside, or even put a few pillows in there along with small bottles of bubbles, too. For any couples who need a caterer near Southampton, contact Village Catering and find out what we can do to make your special day even more memorable. Our professional staff is always ready to provide whatever is required to make the day both seamless and enjoyable.