Catering an Outdoor Party in the Fall

Holding a party, wedding, or any other event outdoors during the fall can be perfect for your needs. It gives you plenty of space to be creative and accommodate guests while enjoying the cool autumn days. There are many aspects to consider when planning an outdoor event in the fall, and catering can be the main one. Here are some ways to help ensure your event and catering are the perfect pair and spice up your fall catering menu ideas. 

Know Your Location

Getting a good picture of where your event will take place, and the setting can help immensely. If your event location is somewhere where everyone will be moving around often and chatting, then snacks or small portable types of food would be best. If your guests will be sitting most of the time, a seated meal may be the better option since walking around and snacking won’t be possible. 

Also, take into consideration the weather conditions. Make sure you have your ideal weather forecast but stick to ensuring you have a backup plan in case of a sudden switch-up. You never know when rain could crash the party. 

Incorporate Seasonal Flavors 

As mentioned before, outdoor catering in the fall differs from summer. The seasonal flavors that we all love during this time should be incorporated into your event menu. Here are a few fall catering menu ideas to help inspire your event: 


  • Pumpkin- can be used in everything from a dessert choice to soup. 
  • Apple– is a signature dessert choice for fall and a great flavor to add to meals.
  • Spices– any savory and sweet spice can be used in meals during the fall to enhance that cozy feel. 
  • Cinnamon– is by far the most popular spice of the season. It can be used in any dessert or meal to give a unique flavor. 
  • Maple– of course, nothing can compare to the sweet home taste of maple. It can be incorporated in many ways into a variety of dishes. 

Remember the Time of Day 

Outdoor catering in the fall is affected by many things. One of them is time. Depending on the time of day your event will be held, this can also affect the catering style you are going for. You wouldn’t want to serve the guests at your night event biscuits and fresh fruit. It might be better to go for something a bit classier instead. And if your event is being held during those hours between mealtimes, it’s a good idea to go with smaller portioned food so that everyone can enjoy eating without having to finish a whole meal. Nighttime events call for nighttime food. The same goes for the daytime.  

Find The Perfect Place 

One of the most important parts of event planning outdoor catering in the fall is finding the perfect place, and there are so many beautiful ones that are perfect for your needs! Village Catering can help you with that. We offer many different locations for a worry-free event. Our Pennsylvania catering hall and wedding venues in northeast Philadelphia are just a couple of the many services we offer here. Contact us today and let us know how we can help you plan your fall event.