Who to Follow on Twitter

Jamie Oliver @jamieoliver: This inspiring chef has his own foundation with the purpose of educating, empowering, and inspiring people to become more informed about nutrition and be able to make better decisions. Follow him for healthy recipes and to learn about his mission for a food revolution.

Guy Fieri @GuyFieri: Guy is a food lover who travels around looking for the best restaurants and the best dishes. You can check out his Twitter to see where he’s going next and what great new foods he has discovered.

Giada De Laurentiis @GDeLaurentiis: A favorite food network star, Giada is an Italian chef who was born in Rome. She’s charming and has great recipes. Have cooking questions? She’s great about responding to followers!

Martha Stewart @MarthaStewart:  A household name, Martha has been sharing fun home and party ideas for years. For those who like to host guests, following Martha could help you find some great ideas to make your next party a huge success.

Village Catering @AlansVillage: Follow us to read our latest blogs and news. We share recipes and great catering ideas as well as retweet cool stories and news!

Taste and Share: @TasteAndShare: From recipes to reviews to photography, when it comes to food Taste and Share has it all. Follow them for great food entertainment.

Recipes Idea @RecipesIdeas: If you need recipe ideas they have it all. Whether it’s the main course, a side dish, or dessert they share great ideas every day.

Healthy Home Recipes @Home_Recipes: If you’re looking for something you know will be nutritional, this is the place for you. They have many easy and great tasting recipes as well as plenty of healthy ideas to choose from.

Food Network @FoodNetwork: From recipes to tips to news, Food Network has everything food. Hear from their chefs, keep updated with their news and events, and join great conversations all about food.

Eat This Not That @EatThisNotThat: Great for learning new facts about healthy options. Eat This Not That teaches you ways to swap food options and save yourself hundreds of calories. If you’re interested in losing weight, their advice could make a great difference in your life.

Foodimentary @Foodimentary: These guys share facts that are helpful and fun. They keep you posted every day on national food days, so you’ll never miss national peanut butter and jelly day, or national animal cracker day.