What Should You Look for in a Wedding Reception Venue?

Weddings — an exciting time in our lives that seemingly infuse the air around us with palpable excitement and anxiousness. The tasks and challenges involved in planning for a wedding seem to hit you one after another in an endless barrage as you have to make decision after weighted decision. Choosing a location to hold your wedding reception is just one of these challenges, and with that comes even more things to take into consideration, from decoration to guest seating to food and more. Here are just a few simple but key things to think through when looking at potential locations and wedding halls in Philadelphia


When looking at a venue, it’s important to imagine it with everything that you intend to incorporate into your future reception to make sure there’s enough space to comfortably fit it all. The number of guests is obviously key, but how you intend to arrange seating, other elements that may require their own space such as tables for food, bands or entertainment, an area to dance in, or anything else you plan on incorporating has to be considered. Walk around the venue that you’re prospecting and try to visualize everything and everyone you intend on having. You want ample room between tables and designated floor spaces as well, so people can move around easily without bumping elbows. 


Decor, architecture, and setting can come together for a cohesive look, or it can cause clashes, if not done properly. This includes table centerpieces, flowers, and even the bridal party’s and groomsmens’ ensembles, as well as the venue itself, and potentially so much more. To this effect, lighting is also of high importance. If applicable, pay attention to how the natural lighting shines through. Visit the venue during the time of day you intend to get married, so you’ll know exactly how it will appear on your special day.


Accounting for the conveniences and amenities the venue offers is essential. What is the bathroom availability like? Are they big enough or numerous enough to accommodate your guests? Is parking for the venue plentiful and not congested during the time of day and week that you intend to host the reception? Will it be enough for the number of guests you plan on hosting? All these little things can add up into a bigger frustration if the answer to all of them ends up being no, so try to imagine what you or a guest might want or need while attending your wedding to cover all of your bases.

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