What is a Quincenera?

If you have a friend or relative who is of Mexican heritage, you might be invited to a quinceanera at some point during the upcoming year. While many Americans consider a quinceanera celebration to be similar to the many Sweet 16 parties in Pennsylvania, a quinceanera holds much more cultural significance than a simple birthday.

A young woman who is turning 15 may have a quinceanera (or “fiesta de quinceanera”) to celebrate. The word “quinceanera” is a combination of two Spanish words: “quince” meaning “fifteen” and “anos,” meaning “years.” Thus, the quinceanera is celebrated as the girl’s 15th birthday arrives, signifying her entry into young adulthood.

During a quinceanera celebration, you may observe some traditions and customs that are hundreds of years old. Most quinceanera parties begin with a mass in church, where friends and family members gather to thank God for blessing them with the birth and growth of the birthday girl. The guest of honor will typically wear a full-length ball gown and a bouquet, which can be any color that the young woman chooses.

Following the mass, the party will move to an oftentimes extravagant banquet hall, where guests will enjoy an evening full of music, dancing, laughter, and, of course, plenty of delicious foods. Quinceanera parties in the United States have become major affairs, with parties typically lasting several hours. Throughout the evening, you’ll see a number of additional traditions, which may include the breaking of 15 pinatas to the gifting of the girl’s first pair of high heeled shoes. The evening almost always ends with a delicious multi-tiered birthday cake, cut by the guest of honor and split among the guests.

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