Sweet 16 Banquet Halls in Philadelphia & Bucks County, PA

Is your son or daughter going to be blowing out 16 candles in a of couple months? Are you looking for a Philadelphia catering company that specializes in throwing lavish sweet 16 parties? Well, look no further than Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based catering company, Village Catering!

How does Village Catering compare to other catering companies and sweet 16 banquet halls in Philadelphia and Bucks County, PA?

There are many sweet 16 banquet halls throughout Philadelphia and Bucks County, PA that will be able to host sweet 16 parties, but there are not many out there that will be able to assist you in planning this special milestone in your son or daughter’s life. In fact, one way that we set ourselves a part from others in our industry is because we strive to be an all-inclusive catering and event planning service. In other words, when you find yourself in need of a company that not only provides the food, but also a banquet hall, offers a wait-staff, can provide the entertainment, and much more, choose Village Catering.

Sweet 16 Parties in Philadelphia

How big is our venue compared to other sweet 16 banquet halls in Philadelphia and Bucks County, PA?

Our banquet hall—Cottage Green, is ideal for parties that have no fewer than 25 people attending, or parties that will have upwards of a few hundred people attending. Also, if you are looking for Bucks County, PA sweet 16 banquet halls that will be able to meet the needs of a themed sweet 16 party, the Cottage Green will also prove ideal.

How can you schedule a sweet 16 at our Pennsylvania venue?

With Village Catering, scheduling your child’s sweet 16 will be nothing but simple. However, we do suggest that you call us at least 2-3 months before you plan on having the party in case we are hosting another event the day you would like to have your party. We also suggest that you give us an estimated head count, and have an idea of what you would like your menu to be. Of course, we can also discuss these things during your initial consultation.

Coordinate A Sweet 16 With Village Catering Today!

Whether or not you would like to host your son or daughter’s sweet 16 party at our banquet hall, or are just looking for party trays from a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania catering company to have delivered to your home for the party, Village Catering will go above and beyond.

To learn more about scheduling sweet 16 parties at our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania banquet hall, please feel free to reach out to us today!