What is a “Baby Sprinkle?”

One of the newest trends to hit the world of baby showers is the “baby sprinkle.” A baby sprinkle is a smaller, more relaxed version of a baby shower, and it is meant for mothers who already have a little one (or two) at home. This is ideal for anyone who wants to celebrate the newest arrival without all of the same expectations that come from a full baby shower.

During a sprinkle, the mom often gets some smaller gifts, such as a new set of onesies or some diapers. Plus, she usually gets a few gifts to pamper her, such as aromatherapy items or some new items of comfy clothing. Many baby sprinkles also feature “advice gifts,” where the new mom collects words of wisdom from her friends and family members in a jar or through a video for when the new baby comes. Mothers love baby sprinkles because these events give them an opportunity to celebrate with family members and friends without the expectation of receiving large or expensive gifts.

These sprinkles can be done at traditional baby shower halls, or they can be done at home. If a friend or family member is willing to host, you can also hold a baby sprinkle at their home to minimize the preparation the mom needs, and to save on venue expenses. Plus, if you opt for a catered meal, such as the off-premise catering near Northeast Philadelphia offered by Village Catering, the day is all set. All that is left to do is sit down, relax, and enjoy the day.

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