What Are Some Benefits Of Having A Wedding Ceremony And Reception During Brunch?

Are you and your fiancé early risers? Do you both enjoy breakfast the most? How about, do you want to have a wedding reception and ceremony that will enable you take the party elsewhere? Well, consider having your wedding ceremony and reception during brunch!

Brunch weddings are some of the most cost-effective weddings!

These weddings are typically more economical although that also depends on how extravagant you want the wedding to be.  And, although you can still opt for that open bar, guests will drink a lot less than they would at a nighttime wedding. Lastly, venues are a lot cheaper to book because of the sheer fact that most people do not usually book daytime weddings.

If you love breakfast and lunch, brunch weddings are for you!

Although one of the best things about this type of wedding is that you can have all of the pancakes, waffles and eggs you want, you can also have lunch options on your menu. Some of these can include wraps, sandwiches, and salads. Lastly, you don’t have to feel weary about serving up some Bloody Marys or Mimosas to your guests!

You can go formal or keep it relaxed.

These days, brides spend hours getting ready for their weddings. But, if you are someone that needs to do just a handful of things before you walk down the aisle, a brunch wedding is definitely for you! Your guests might also think that because you scheduled the wedding earlier in the day, they will expect it to be more relaxed. In the end, whether you want to keep it formal or relaxed is totally up to you and your fiancé!

One of the best things about our Philadelphia catering company is that we can certainly accommodate any wedding reception brunch. If you want to know what we have on our menu, let’s just say it is much more than just eggs and toast!