Village Catering’s Summer Wedding Checklist

As one of the premier wedding venues near Southampton, PA, we know that the months of June July, and August are the most popular times in the world for weddings, but unfortunately they’re also the most popular for soaring temperatures. In fact, it may be important for you and your fiancé to take the summer heat into consideration when planning your wedding in order to ensure that the big day is everything you’ve dreamed of.

If you’re planning a summer wedding, make sure to also take this checklist with you so you’re completely prepared to tie the knot.

  • An up-do toolkit. Anyone who has been to a summer wedding knows that the heat can destroy even the most structured of hairstyles. Bring along a kit including enough bobby-pins, gator clips, barrettes, and hairspray for you and your bridesmaids on the day of the event to make sure everyone’s tresses stay in place.
  • Plenty of water. All health experts agree – staying hydrated is the best way to avoid a heatstroke in the summer. Combining your summer wedding with coffee and alcohol during the reception (two drinks known to cause dehydration) can quickly turn into a bad combination. Encourage guests to stay thirsty during the wedding by including personalized bottles of water under or on top of each seat. They’ll add a personal touch as well as help your guests beat the heat!
  • Citronella candles or bug repellant. Outdoor weddings, especially those taking place at dusk, can have a number of unexpected guest – bugs. Bugs, like mosquitos, love to show up uninvited to any area that has a ton of food and a large number of people wearing strong perfumes and colognes – like your wedding. Repel the pests with citronella candles or “bug zappers” to keep these wedding crashers away from your special day.
  • An early photo time. You deserve gorgeous wedding photos that capture the magic of your ceremony – don’t let the heat rob you of your photo opportunities! Schedule your wedding party photos for early on the day of the wedding to have everyone looking their best before sweat and heat take their toll.

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