Village Catering Serves Up A Bunch Of Yummy Salads

When it comes to salad, I’m obsessed. My boyfriend’s father always gets a chuckle whenever I request salad for dinner. He labels it grass and says, “Oh, you’re eating grass again?”  Last week when we went out to dinner, he threw at joke at me while I ordered this grass-like food. Well, depending on the salad, please avoid thick dressing and mounds of croutons, it’s healthy for you! Therefore, take that Mr. Evans!

Salads are sold in almost every restaurant. Therefore, there’s no need to constantly order a massive burger. So, if salad is what you’re craving this evening, I have an amazing restaurant that will satisfy your hankering! Village Catering. They specialize in an array of yummy salads. Now, I’m telling you, these salads are out of this world.

You may choose from a shrimp salad, tuna, egg, chicken and a salad sampler. If those salads don’t exactly tickle your fancy because they sound so ordinary, don’t fret because there are plenty more where that came from! Additionally, this company serves Cobb salad, salads with fruit, taco salad, Mediterranean salad, caprese salad and the ever popular crispy chicken salad. This healthy variety will leave you wanting to come back again and again!

They aren’t only a restaurant though. This company also is a banquet hall in Philadelphia. Village Catering supplies services for weddings, corporate and social events. They are known as one of the best airline catering companies in Philadelphia. Therefore, if you’re yearning to celebrate an event, be sure to check out this catering company for all your needs and the salad selection of course!