Tips On How To Choose The Best Wedding Cake You Will Enjoy

There aren’t a lot of things as disappointing as biting into a piece of your wedding cake the day of and finding out that it is dry and full of hardly any flavor.  However, maybe it’s not the cake; maybe it tastes like that because of how little you paid attention at your cake tasting.  Just like any other piece or part of your wedding, finding the right cake that you and your guests will enjoy is essential.  After all, who doesn’t love a delicious dessert after their dinner?  I know we do at Village Catering!

One of the things we suggest (and that you should be doing anyway) is sampling different pieces of cake at the bakery you want the cake made at.  You can also go as far as visiting different bakeries in your local area.  Also, if you are all out of luck and don’t know who to turn to for a wedding cake, many catering companies and event halls offer wedding packages, as well as know vendors that will be willing to help.

Another thing that is big these days is themed wedding cakes.  They range from being anything from just the traditional white or ivory cake to something elaborate such as two owls sitting on top of a wedding cake decorated like a tree…

Couples certainly have more options when having their wedding cake made these days, and taking the time to think about what you want is equally as important as the bride picking out her wedding dress.  After all, you wouldn’t want to be disappointed in the final product and subject your guests to something that looks and tastes downright awful!

Last but not least, check reviews the bakery has received in regards to cakes they have made in the past.  If a lot of people were disappointed in the final product, then there is a strong chance you could be disappointed.