How to Throw the Best Engagement Party

Are you an excited bride-to-be?  Have you been thinking about how to construct the perfect engagement party?  Having an engagement party is the perfect opportunity to announce your upcoming marriage and celebrate the occasion with both family and friends.  At Village Catering, we can help you throw the best engagement party your friends and family (and, most importantly, you!) will ever see.  Our team of expert party planners can even provide the food and host the party at our hall, Cottage Green.

One of the first steps to throwing a memorable wedding engagement party is by sending out your invitations.  Immediate family, extended family, and best friends should all receive paper invitations.  Keep them simple by handwriting them yourself or by having them printed with a clean, classic design.  After you send your invitations, it’s time to plan your menu.

Village Catering offers some of the most delicious food available for an engagement party.  We are also one of the leading banquet halls in Pennsylvania, and guests are always impressed with the picturesque ambiance offered at our hall, Cottage Green.  You don’t need to plan a five-course meal for your party, and Village Catering can help you come up with appetizer options as well as buffet ideas if you choose.  After sending your invitations and planning your menu, it’s time to set the scene for your ideal engagement party.

You can choose a theme that reflects something about your lifestyle or about your hobbies.  Think about adding a few small floral arrangements to brighten up the venue.  You can even get crafty with a “prediction vase.”  Simply acquire a vase and ask your guests to write down predictions about you and your spouse’s lives ahead as a married couple.  For example, guests can predict where you will live, how many kids you will have, and what you will do for work.  It’s fun for guests to gather around the vase and socialize as they come up with their predictions.  You can bring the vase home as a keepsake and then read the messages on the one-year anniversary of your engagement.  If you want to throw the best engagement party ever and still need to book at a bridal shower banquet hall in Bucks County, give Village Catering a call at 215-437-3337.  We’ll have you set up in no time.