Three Unique Catering Services Offered by Village Catering

When most people think of catering services, they probably imagine Sweet 16 parties and springtime weddings. However, there are plenty of other reasons to celebrate, and Village Catering offers innovative catering solutions for every situation, whether you need kosher catering in Pennsylvania or another type. Some of our most unique catering services include:

  • Airline catering. Sometimes, taking the extra step to impress a VIP makes a world of difference in important business relationships. For the most important personalities and clientele, Village Catering is able to provide in-flight catering services that are FDA and TSA approved. No more cold fast food French fries and $11 salads in the sky anymore!
  • Sports team catering. As every athlete knows, healthy food is fuel for the best possible athletic results. Village Catering provides two types of sports catering services. First, Village Catering has a proven track record of providing healthy and nutritious pre-game meals to prepare for a winning performance. If you’re on the opposite side of the field, Village Catering also provides tailgate services, and no matter if your team wins or loses, your food will be a home run!
  • Kosher catering. Special dietary restrictions can be a challenge when it comes to pleasing everyone in a crowd. One of the most common special dietary needs is the Kosher diet, a special set of dietary laws followed by members of the Jewish faith. Village Catering can provide Kosher options along with a standard menu to ensure that all of your special guests feel included in a celebration or event.

Whether you need to find a baby shower hall in Philadelphia, catering for a wedding, or catering for an important client at 30,000 feet, Village Catering is here to help! Give us a call at 215-437-3337 or pay our browse our website to learn more about our delicious catering services or to fill out a request for contact form now!