Popular Wedding Trends

Like decorations, invitations, the dress, and photography, catering trends change from year to year. When it comes to celebrating your wedding there is nothing more you wish for than an amazing day filled with great food, décor, and entertainment. The choice to go with a smaller and more intimate wedding with individual taste and personalized selections continues to be popular in 2011.

General catering ideas include offering a choice of main courses. This may include keeping the usual plate of potatoes and vegetables while offering a variety of meats and sauces. You can also get rustic by providing guests with a chopping board served with carved meats and sauces to dip into. Another option is to incorporate the wedding cake into the main menu. Not only does this reduce the cost but also minimizes decision making. If you choose to serve dessert why not serve platters with miniature desserts to each table for guests to help themselves? Some popular choices include miniature sherry trifle, chocolate brownies, fresh raspberry shortbreads, roasted rhubarb brule, limoncello panna cotta, miniature apple crumble and miniature lemon meringue. How about having a tier of different types of cheese cake as an alternative to the traditional wedding cake? The options are endless and depend on your likes and dislikes.

Other trends include the decision to have more cocktails and less food. Many couples are choosing to replace the traditional sit-down meal or buffet in favor of a cocktail style reception that allows guests to enjoy their food, drinks, mingling and dancing at their own pace. Some eco-friendly options selected by the groom and bride include producing edible centerpieces to cut down on the waste from the wedding decor. Not only does this option save on decor, but it makes a lasting impression on the theme and color scheme of your wedding. Food displays are as beautiful as they are delicious, and today’s caterer has an array of tricks, props, and equipment to make any food display creative and beautiful to the eye.

Some delectable wedding trends made by the bride and groom are the options to choose bolder flavors for their wedding menus. No more of the same old chicken, fish, steak or pasta options—couples are selecting to go with their favorite foods to give their meal at the reception a personal and inspired touch. This could mean Asian food for the entree and the couple’s favorite dessert instead of the traditional wedding cake. Remember your wedding day is one of the most special and memorable days of your life. Let the decisions you make appeal to your own personal touch and preferences.