The Most Popular Wedding Flowers for a Fall Ceremony

Nothing says “wedding” quite as beautifully as a fresh bouquet of Pennsylvania’s fall flowers. If you’re holding a wedding reception in Pennsylvania this fall, consider incorporating one or more of these gorgeous seasonal buds into your decorations and bouquet!  

  • Red and bi-color roses. Few flowers are as romantic as the deep red rose—and luckily, roses are in bloom throughout the months of September through November in Pennsylvania. If traditional red roses aren’t your style, consider embracing a beautiful bouquet of pink and white bi-color roses to complement the red and brown hues that characterize the fall season.  
  • Celosia. Looking to pay homage to the yellows and oranges of fall’s changing leaves? During the fall season, you can commonly find celosia buds in bright orange and ruddy red. Hearty and long-lasting, this flower makes a perfect accent piece or centerpiece—and their scent is not too strong or intrusive for the table.
  • Disbud chrysanthemum. Bred for centuries as a cut flower, you can find disbud chrysanthemum flowering into deep purple shades during fall. This unique hue makes them the perfect complement for weddings with a lighter color scheme—if your bridesmaids are wearing lavender, coral, or baby pink, a few bouquets of disbud chrysanthemum will make the perfect statement.
  • Yarrow. A little-known bud, the yarrow flower can be seen blooming in shades of red, dark pink, and pastel purple during the early fall season. A versatile flower, the yarrow can fit with nearly any theme or color scheme—but many wedding planners report that they look particularly beautiful when used in outdoor ceremonies.

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