Plan Your High School Sports Banquet at Cottage Green

As February ends and March begins, many high school sports seasons are coming to an end. This is the time of year when winter awards dinners are planned, and we have the premier banquet hall to cater to all your needs. Our full service catering company in Bucks County, PA will meet all your needs for a basketball, wrestling, or winter track banquet.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most dependable catering services in the area, decorating the venue with balloons and pictures in remembrance of the season. Sit down with us and tell us how you want the room to be decorated, and you’ll walk in amazed at our planners’ attention to detail. We’ll provide you with a projection screen so you can put your season’s highlights on display, and you’ll have a podium and microphone for the awards ceremony.

While we typically specialize in wedding banquets, we have tables featured by the stage that face the crowd. This is a perfect area for the seniors and coaches of your team to be put on display. After all, the banquet is a celebration for the coaches for putting up with you through the grueling season, and a way to honor the seniors for their leadership, sending them off to college the right way. We know you’ll have a memorable banquet when you celebrate with us. Be treated like a professional with our phenomenal team.

Our food selection will satisfy you and your entire party. When you want a buffet style dining experience for the banquet, you can choose a handful of entrees from one of our packages to cater to your liking. We prepare the food fresh, on site, so you know you’re getting a quality meal when hosting your banquet with us. As one of the highly trusted and respected catering companies in Bucks County, we prepare a healthy menu with gluten-free dishes for your satisfaction.

At Village Catering, we accommodate to all your needs, so start your planning process now!