Maximize Your Wedding Budget: Best Flower Picks for Each Season

There are so many facets to planning a wedding. Picking a venue, a theme, a food menu, entertainment, and the list goes on. One of the most difficult choices a bride will have to make is choosing flowers that will be available around the time of her wedding. On average, today’s wedding costs over $30,000, and the cost of flowers is roughly $2,000. Choosing flowers that are in-season will dramatically cut costs, and it won’t take away even one ounce of beauty from your special day.

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Here are the best flower picks for each season so that you can maximize your wedding budget.


Our top pick for winter is the beautiful calla lily. This flower can be found in many different colors including red, yellow, orange, pink, or purple, and goes great with many popular wedding fillers. Thinking of hosting a Christmas themed wedding? A holly plant is super festive, and what a surprise, they come in red and green colors.

Other Options: Juniper, Jasmine, Anemone


When you think of spring, you think of the fresh smell of flowers after a long and cold winter. If you are planning spring nuptials, you are in luck, because there are so many flowers-in-bloom come spring time! Our top picks are roses, tulips, lilacs, and poppy flowers. These flowers are all available in many different shades and give off smooth, romantic scents.

Other Options: Peony, Hydrangea, Carnation


When we think of summer weddings, we think fun, bright, and bold colors. Flowers that are in bloom in the summer are nothing short of that. Our picks are the traditional, yet give a rustic feel, sunflower. Another super adaptable pick is the zinnia, which comes in every color under the sun.

Other Options: Lilac, Magnolia, Chrysanthemum


As one of the most popular seasons to Wed, fall provides us with an array of oranges, yellows, and burgundies. Take the Snapdragon, for instance; their wispy nature provides a unique and entrancing look for floral centerpieces and bouquets. The Snapdragon comes in different shades of pink, burgundy, and sunset colors.

Other Options:  Marigold, Gerber Daisy, Dahlia

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