Ideas For Hosting a New Year’s Party

New Year’s Eve is the time to host a relatively low-key affair, especially if your guest list includes an older crowd wanting a more relaxed scene. Consider the following suggestions as you begin to prepare your end of the year party.

-Begin by choosing a color theme to decorate for the occasion. You may also use your Christmas ornaments as decorations. Another great color scheme is black and white, but add a pop color to keep things looking festive.

-Add some creativity to plain foods. For example, make pretzels and chips look chic by putting them in a nice bowl, miniature treasure chest or other unusual container.

-Use different cutting boards to place the cheeses and accessorize the edges with some herbs. It’s a neat way to class up your cheese plate without spending too much money.

-Do not only serve chips and dip also provide your guest with some crab cake sliders, or pulled pork. Finger foods let your guests mingle without feeling trapped in a sit-down affair.

Create a themed drink to say goodbye to 2012 and hello to 2013. You can also prepare a mocktail version for the kids.

-Allow everyone to make his or her own dessert. Have a candy or chocolate station where your guests can add toppings to their favorite treats.

-Provide your guest with miniature champagne glasses to end the night. They can later take the glasses home with them as their party favor.

-Make a photo booth by using a basic backdrop, a blank wall, or your own fabric. Have a few funky props such as crazy hats, chalkboards for messages, mustaches on a stick, etc. Then have a digital camera and printer set up to capture the photos and print them out instantly