How to Tip Your Wedding Vendors

Planning a wedding can get expensive, but there are some vendors that you should take special care of before, during, and after your ceremony. Here are some tipping guidelines for major vendors you’ll likely have during your wedding.

  • Discretely tip the wedding officiant: The best times to tip the person who performs the ceremony are either during the reception or before the ceremony. Hand the tip to the officiant in an envelope. Some officiants will decline a tip; offer to make a donation in their name to a charity they support if this occurs.
  • Add a tip to the florist’s bill: Florists are rarely tipped for their wedding services. Adding a set percentage to the payment for their invoice is a great way to tip the florist.
  • Add a tip to the caterer’s bill (if one has not been included): A common practice for foodservice companies is to apply a mandatory gratuity for serving large groups. The married couple should examine the caterer’s bill to see if the tip has already been charged. If it hasn’t, the married couple should add a set percentage to the total payment. Please note that when opting for American catering in Pennsylvania from Village Catering, there are no tips included.
  • Tip the bartenders at the end of the event (if they are not part of the catering package): Many catering companies provide their own bartenders, and the tip for the catering company will go into the bartenders’ pay. However, if the bartenders are independent from the catering company, the married couple should tip each bartender a set percentage of the bartending bill at the end of the event.
  • Tip the delivery and setup staff before the event: The best time to provide tips for the crew members responsible for setting up the wedding and reception is the day before the event. As is the case with independent bartenders, each crew member should be tipped individually. Please note that the staff of Village Catering of Philadelphia’s reception venues will never solicit or demand tips from the wedding couple or their guests.

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