How to Keep Kids Occupied at Your Wedding Reception

If you and your fiancé made the decision to invite children to your wedding, you might want to think about some ways that you can keep them occupied throughout the reception. After all, there is no denying that wedding receptions are typically for adults and that young children can get restless and/or bored at both the ceremony and reception.

If you were gracious enough to allow you friends and family members to bring their children to your wedding, here are some activities that you can consider that might help keep them occupied.

Comedian, Clown, or Other Professional Children’s Entertainer.

If there is more than just a handful of children attending your wedding, it’s a good idea to hire an entertainer to help keep them occupied. You can consider booking a clown, comedian, magician, storyteller, etc. If you do go this route, it’s also great to set aside a place where all of the children can be entertained together.

Set Up an Entertainment Area.

Sometimes, wedding venues have extra rooms available that couples can use throughout the duration of the reception. If this is the case, you can set up one of these rooms to be an entertainment center. Some of the things that you can put in the room can include a TV and DVD player, books, board games, and coloring books.










Create Some Goodie Bags.

This is especially effective if you have designated seats for the children. As soon as they sit down their eyes will light up because they have a goodie bag filled with things that will keep them from getting bored. Things that you can put in the goodie bags can include coloring books, crayons, little toys, games, and puzzles, and maybe even some snacks.

Teenagers at Your Wedding Could Call for a “Teen Café.”

If there are teenagers at your wedding reception, it is likely that it will be a lot easier to keep them entertained. But, if you would really like to go the extra mile to help ensure that they have a good time, you can create a bar area that’s exclusively for teenagers. The bar can serve them soft drinks, and you can even place some magazines, books, or games on the bar.

If you don’t mind having children at your wedding, but are concerned about them getting bored or making this special occasion a drag for their parents to attend, considering some of the things that we mentioned above is ideal. Not only will the children thank you for the entertainment, but so will their parents.