How to Host a Childfree Wedding

You want a quiet ceremony, there’s going to be drinking at the reception, and your budget for catering in Philadelphia, PA, covers just enough for the adults to eat. There are an endless number of reasons why you might not want to have children at your wedding and “hating kids” probably isn’t on the list. While the children in your life probably won’t be offended by the lack of an invite (a night in pajamas watching Paw Patrol beats stuffy church clothes any day), many couples worry about offending the parents on their list by excluding the little ones from the ceremony. Use these three tips to plan a childfree wedding without annoying mom and dad.

  • Let parents know about the “no kids” policy early. Your wedding is your special day, and you should be able to choose who gets to attend—but letting parents know that their son or daughter isn’t invited after they’ve booked flights in from Georgia is just plain rude. When you send out the save-the-dates, make sure to include your policy in gentle yet firm wording: “While we love the children in our life, we will be having an adults-only ceremony and reception.”
  • Provide childcare information. If you have guests coming in from out of town, they may be forced to bring their little ones with them. Gather information on reliable babysitters and nannies in the area and offer references to family members and friends with children.
  • Consider enlisting an older cousin as a group babysitter. Want the kids in the ceremony but not at a boozy reception? Consider paying an older cousin a few twenties to play group babysitter for a few hours on-site at the reception in a separate room. You get an adults-only reception, and your teen gets to earn a little cash!

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