How To Become A “Top Chef”

One thing that people always crave is good food. With various restaurants springing up, and growth in the food industry, being a chef is a very good career option. With time and experience, one can master the art of culinary, and win hearts.

Common foods found and prepared by chefs are various, but here are just some examples:

A common food found, and often baked in the kitchen is bread. A very useful technique to make good bread is by spreading the yeast properly throughout the mixture. The yeast produces CO2 in the oven that is what produces the pores in the bread. One must also knead the bread dough thoroughly, which will in turn make the final product very soft.

Fried food is also a part of modern-day life. A chef should keep the items to be fried in a dry environment if possible, as the food should be dry when placed into the fryer. Safety should also be considered when a chef works with the creation of fried food.

Common knowledge a chef should know are as follows:

Obesity is one of the major problems in the United States. A chef should know about fat reducing techniques when preparing food items. Lettuce is an excellent natural way of removing unwanted fat. Keeping lettuce on the surface of an oily substance will absorb fats like a sponge. If one requires the lettuce on the following day, it is better to keep it in the refrigerator because excess fat will accumulate and freeze at the surface, thus easily being removed.

A chef should also understand that the type of wood used during a barbeque is very important, as it will impart a distinct flavour and subtle smokiness to the food. While alder is ideal for salmon and fishes, apple and cherry are best for chicken and turkey. The type of wood used in barbequing should not be treated; otherwise it will give off toxic fumes which may be harmful. Also, the marination chosen should not be very strong flavoured or else the light flavour of the wood will get camouflaged.

If a person cannot find stock for making seafood or fish sauces then he or she can do what a lot of professional chefs do. The chef can use a light chicken sauce. Many chefs don’t use fish sauce as they get sour very quickly and are also not hygienic enough to be stored for a lot of time.

Hopefully these tips will prove useful if one is looking to be a top chef, or interested in a possible career as one. Keep looking to this space for more useful tips and hints.