How To Act During That Holiday Office Party

When’s the last time that you were at an office holiday party?

That’s what we thought.  It seems that holiday office parties are making a comeback—especially amongst smaller organizations.  We at Village Catering have catered hundreds of holiday office parties over the years, and we have witnessed many that were either totally awesome, or a complete bore.  Also, being as observant as we are, we have noticed how people act during these events and thought, “Hey, why don’t we put a short list together describing how an individual should act?”  So, for those wondering how they should behave, here are two things we thought were really important—as well as that stood out from the chatter that went on at many of these events!

Even though it is a party—you are with your co-workers, so do not put your job at risk!

Many of us have been there.  The spirits are all around you, and you might end up saying EXACTLY what is on your mind, as well as acting a bit out of the ordinary.  It is easy to forget about what kind of function it is, as well as who you are with when you are bit inebriated.  Therefore, prohibit yourself from having that 4th Long Island Iced Tea or that 6th can of beer and recognize that you should still be maintaining your professionalism.  The last thing you want is to end up saying or doing something that you shouldn’t and have your co-workers buzzing about how you acted.  Plus, you do not want to get kicked out of this party, nor do you want a DUI if you are driving.

Make any and all effort to attend the party, even if you are a fairly new employee within the organization.

Do not skip out on this event because you feel uncomfortable.  In fact, you should make every effort to attend because those who are there will probably be asking themselves why you didn’t care enough to attend.  A lot of holiday parties are team-building events and you should use this as an opportunity to get to know your co-workers in a more relaxed environment.  However, if you really cannot go, make sure you have a legitimate reason and let your boss know ahead of time!