Halloween Party On The Horizon This Year? Here Are Two Ideas To Make It Great!

No matter how old you are, there is always time to attend a Halloween party.  They are fun, you get to eat lots of candy, and you also get to play dress-up.  However, isn’t a drag when you attend a party that has very few people, or it’s hosted somewhere that fails to give off that Halloween vibe?  Honestly, one of the best things about attending a Halloween party (besides getting the chance to dress up) is that you’re surrounded by everything Halloween—in other words, decorations, horror movies, and candy, candy, candy!

So, we at Village Catering thought hmm…we’ve been offering our catering services in Bucks County, PA and other areas for years and have seen our share of Halloween parties.  So, why not provide a few party ideas that can help make a Halloween party that much better?

Well, here are some things we thought that could make your party that much more interesting:

It’s Halloween time, why not have a theme for your party!

While having generic decorations is always fun, why not have a theme?  If that is the way you’re looking to go, one thing we suggest is having it based around celebrities.  Well, we mean zombified celebrities of course!  These days, zombies are a huge hit, especially with popular shows such as The Walking Dead attracting millions of viewers every time a new episode airs.   Therefore, make it known on the invitation that dressing up as your favorite dead celebrity is a plus!

Make Your Home A Haunted House!

While this might seem like a no-brainer for when it comes time plan that Halloween party, many people do the bare minimum to set the mood for the party.  Something we suggest to make your party that much more eerie includes:  placing some gravestones in your garden or yard, switching out your light bulbs to be either red, black (or another Halloween-esque color), hanging cobwebs all around your home as well as purchasing a bunch of bleeding candles.  You can also make the atmosphere even that more gloomy and frightening with a fog machine or strobe light!

Get Some Good (Halloween-themed) Catered Food!

Aside from having fun and enjoying the Halloween-esque atmosphere, one thing that people will come to your party for is the food!  As Bucks County caterers, we planned our share of Halloween-themed parties, and we know all of the appropriate items to bring (aside for the traditional Pumpkin flavored foods of course!)

So, if you are interested in throwing a Halloween party this year call us and we will be glad to walk you through everything from planning it to providing you with some delicious food items!