Four Special Dietary Needs to Consider Before Your Event

No matter what type of event you’re planning, you want to make sure your guests will be happy with your catering choices. Taking into account any special dietary needs, including kosher catering in Pennsylvania, with your caterers will make sure no one feels left out. Four common dietary restrictions you may have to plan for include:

  • Vegetarian. Vegetarian dieters are those who do not consume animal flesh–that means no beef, chicken, or pork should go into the dishes of your vegetarian guests. Some vegetarians choose to eat seafood; those these guests may refer to themselves as ether vegetarian or “pescatarian.” Be sure to clarify before the event so you can offer a menu option that’s fitting.
  • Vegan. Vegan and vegetarian diets are often mistaken for the same thing, but they are in fact very different. While vegetarians choose not to eat meat, vegans choose not to consume any product that originates from an animal. This includes eggs, milk, and cheese, amongst other ingredients. Be sure to inform your catering company ahead of time if you require vegan options for your event, as there are many substitutions that can be used to make vegetarian recipes and dishes vegan.
  • Halal. If you will be having Muslim guests at your upcoming event, you’ll want to serve meat that is consistent with Islamic dietary laws. The term “Halal” refers to a special method of meat preparation that is consistent with the directions set forth in the Quran. If you are unable to provide meat that is considered halal to your guests, you may offer a vegetarian dish as a suitable alternative.
  • Allergies. Guests of all ages can suffer from allergies, so collecting information ahead of time can help prevent a medical emergency from ruining your event. Exposure to the food that your guest is allergic to can cause a serious and potentially life-threatening situation. You should ask your guests well ahead of time if they have any allergies, so your caterers can make sure no cross-contamination occurs in the kitchen.

How can you create a menu that’s perfect for everyone at your event? By working with your catering company, of course! Village Catering can help you craft a menu with options for everyone celebrating with you. If you’re seeking baby shower halls in Philadelphia, PA, give us a call today at 215-437-3337 to get started today!